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Clikzin 1.25% Pour On Suspension for Sheep - 2.5L or 5L

Clikzin 1.25% Pour On Suspension for Sheep - 2.5L or 5L

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CLiKZiN® Pour On (containing dicyclanil) offers 8 weeks blowfly (Lucillia sericata) strike protection after dosing AND a short 7 day meat withhold!! This gives farmers the freedom to market stock as and when they’re ready.

- 8 weeks protection against blowfly strike
- 7 days meat withhold
- Flexible, reliable protection
- Added flexibility for production schedules

When to use and why?
7 day meat withhold

- Ideal for all stock including lambs for slaughter and pre-shearing ewes
- More flexibility for production schedules

8 weeks protection against blowfly strike
- Contains dicyclanil - at least 30 times1 more potent than Vetrazin ®
- For ewes and lambs of all breeds and wool types

Quick and convenient
- Single-handed, ready-to-use application
- Use wherever sheep are, no need for fixed equipment
- Minimum on-farm disruption

Application: general farmer recommendations
- Not designed to cure existing strike but as a prevention so to treat animals before an anticipated fly challenge.
(If maggots are present, treat with Crovect then afterwards protect with CLiKZiN).

- Dry or damp sheep can be treated, but do not treat wet animals.
- Do not treat in the rain. Wait for a spell of dry weather.
- Make sure to give the right dose for the weight of animal. Weigh a few of the heaviest animals in the group and treat all to this heaviest dose. If the spread of weights in the group is large, then split into weight banded groups.
- It is recommended that animals with dirty back-ends are dagged or crutched prior to application. If dagging or crutching is undertaken in the weeks following application, these animals should be re-treated, otherwise protection could be lost.
- The use of CLiKZiN has harmful effects on dung flies and beetles.
- Treated sheep must be kept away from watercourses for at least one hour after treatment. There is a serious risk to aquatic life if this advice is not followed.

Always use the proper Novartis Pour-on Gun.


Hold the gun 45cm away from the sheep. Apply as a fan spray along the spine of the animal in a band at least 10cm wide from the middle of the shoulders and in an arc around the crutch and tail (see diagram on label). Half the dose should be applied along the spine with the remainder over the tail and crutch area. Spray falling to one side only will result in loss of protection on the other side of the fleece.

Guide dose volumes correspond to 0.7-2ml (7.5-25mg dicyclanil) per kg bodyweight.

Sheep Weight (kg) Total Volume / Sheep (ml)

10-20 20
21-30 24
31-50 30
>50 36

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