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Intervet Butox Swish Fly & Lice Pour On Cattle - 250ml, 1L or 2.5L

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Intervet Butox Swish Fly & Lice Pour on suspension. Each 100ml contains 0. 75g of deltamethrin. Control of biting and nuisance flies of cattle, including Haematobia irritans, Hippobosca equina, Stomoxys calcitrans, Musca autumnalis and Musca domestica. Control of biting and sucking lice of cattle, including Damalinia bovis, Haematopinus eurysternus and Linognathus vituli. Dosage and Administration: The required volume of Butox Swish should be applied along the midline of the animal's back starting between the shoulders and using the pour-on procedure, at the following recommended dose rates. Flies: Up to 100kg -10ml. 100kg to 300kg - 20ml. Over 300kg - 30ml. Lice: 10ml per animal irrespective of weight. Withdrawal periods: Meat 20 days. Milk zero days. LICENSED FOR CATTLE ONLY.

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