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Volac Lamb Volostrum 500gm

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Volac Lamb Volostrum is an ideal alternative or supplement when ewe’s colostrum is not available or is in short supply. This could be due to multiple births, a sick ewe or a lamb being orphaned.

  • Protein – 76%
  • Oil – 8%
  • Ash – 3%
  • Lactose – 8%
  • Moisture – 5%
  • Feeding Lamb Volostrum can be given by bottle or stomach tube when used as a natural alternative to colostrum (by trained personnel only). The lamb should be encouraged to take the entire feed as soon as possible after birth and preferably within the first 6 hours. For small lambs you should administer half the feed as soon as possible and the remainder within the first 6 hours of life. Keeping mixed Lamb Volostrum When necessary the Lamb Volostrum mixture can be stored in a refrigerator for a maximum of 72 hours. It should be re-warmed to 40°C by standing in a bowl of warm water (below 60°C) and then stirred before feeding. Efficacy As a source of nutrient; much of the mortality in new born lambs is due to a lack of nutrients and hypothermia. The high protein and energy content of Volostrum provides nutrient for maintenance of body tissues during the first hours of life. The high concentration of large globular proteins in solution may restrict the ability of bacteria to proliferate in the intestinal lumen and thereby reduce the potential for infection. Benefits of Lamb Volostrum • Natural alternative to colostrum • 38g protein per 50g (140ml) lamb feed • Highly digestible source of energy helps reduce risk of hypothermia • Consistent quantity and quality guaranteed • Hygienic, easy to use individual sachets • 3 year shelf life • Vital stand-by in any lambing shed • Independently tested